2011-2012 Graduate Studies

Track III

Transitional Licensure Mission Statement

The mission of Track III is to provide students hired to teach on a Tennessee Transitional License with the coursework, mentoring, and support needed to ensure success for all their students and the candidate’s own development as a competent, caring, qualified professional educator.

Though course work in Track I may be taken concurrently with license requirements of Track III, it is mandatory that all students seeking licensure complete all requirements of Track III, e.g., meeting content area requirements, passing Praxis tests, etc., according to the State of Tennessee Department of Education requirements for Transitional license, and meeting all requirements for advance to the Apprentice license.

A student may take no more than six (6) semester hours of graduate credit until the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) has been successfully completed. In addition, students must meet all state licensure requirements. Programs in Track III are individualized and must be approved by the Director of the MAE Program.

Degree Requirements

The program of studies is as follows:

MAE 5010Innovative Instructional Technology


MAE 5050Advanced Educational Psychology


MAE 5070Advanced Studies in Classroom Management


MAE 5080Diverse Populations in Teaching & Learning


MAE 5180Education: The Profession & The Professional


MAE 5250Building Literacy for the K-12 Classroom


If any one of the six courses listed above has been satisfactorily completed and accepted by the Director of the Master of Arts in Education program, the Director may make substitutions to complete the 24 semester hour program.

Total Credit Hours: 24

IMPORTANT NOTE : In order to obtain the Master’s Degree , the student must complete the remaining 18 hours (six courses) in the Master of Arts in Education degree program