2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Affairs

Current students, prospective students, parents, and visitors,Wilbur Peterson, PhD

Welcome to the Academic Affairs section of the University catalog. I wish you every success as you pursue your academic goals at Cumberland University. 

The Office of Academic Affairs houses the Vice President and the Registrar and is supported by a cadre of faculty and School Deans completely dedicated to the academic success of every student. We sincerely believe that a university education should expose the student to a variety of liberal arts disciplines that complement the chosen major and broaden one’s scope of understanding. We believe that a diverse education promotes within our students the desire to be life-long learners and highly productive citizens of our community, state, and nation. 

Cumberland University continues to develop current, timely, and invigorating offerings to complement our traditional fair. Recent additions to our undergraduate majors include majors in Art and Design, Biochemistry, and Health and Human Performance. New graduate programs include a Master of Arts in Fine Arts, and a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Pedagogy. These majors are augmented by 29 possible minors. Most majors include an opportunity for practical experience in the discipline through internships.  

As you explore your higher education choices, please remember that the administration and faculty of Cumberland University are dedicated to your success. We are here to help you in and out of the classroom, by way of personal contact, e-mail, or through on-line coursework. Each student has a faculty advisor that will work tirelessly with you to assist you in achieving your academic goals. 

This section of the catalog contains a detailed presentation of each major and many specific procedures and policies that are necessary for the University to provide the best educational experience possible. Should you have any questions concerning these procedures and policies, please contact the office of Academic Affairs, your advisor, or a School Dean for further information.

Have a great year!

Wilbur Peterson PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs