2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Cumberland University

Cumberland University reserves the right to change, update, and/or reprint this document as the institution deems necessary. The official version of this document will be housed on the University website and will be available in appropriate administrative offices. 


Harvill C. Eaton, Ph.D.

Harvill C. Eaton, President


Welcome to Cumberland! I congratulate you on choosing a university that will help develop the skills that will shape you for a rewarding and exciting life. You join a nationally recognized community of people that take pride in life-long learning and quality educational experiences.

Cumberland University is a community of learners who embrace values such as collaboration, community service, diversity, innovation, and integrity. These ideals permeate the learning environment of Cumberland. These educational experiences are supported by excellent faculty, staff, programs, and facilities. Our focus is to provide you, the student, with quality educational experiences that lead to meaningful personal and professional lives.

College should be a special time in your life. My hope for you is that it will be a life changing experience. This catalog details the policies and procedures of the University. I encourage you to become familiar with its contents so that you may take full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities and resources available to you.




Harvill C. Eaton, Ph.D.


One Cumberland Square

Lebanon, TN 37087