2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Information Technology

Getting to Email, CANVAS, and CAMS

Now that you know your user information, links to log in to all the services can be found on the Cumberland website.

Go to http://www.cumberland.edu/ePortal.html

    -For email, click on “Student Email”

-For CANVAS, click on “CANVAS Login”

-For CAMS Portal, click on “CAMS”

Trying to access these from a lab or library PC? You log in to the PCs with the same username and password. Just be sure to select “STUDENTS” in the “Log on to” list.

If you want to access email directly, go to http://start.students.cumberland.edu

Login Instructions

Cumberland University uses the same format for all student usernames:
    First initial, middle initial, last name, and the last two digits of the SSN.
    Example: Samuel D. Jones, 123-45-6789 = sdjones89

Initial Password Policy: capitalize first name intitial, capitalize last name initial, plus last digits of your SSN.
    As above, Samuel Jones password would be SJ456789

All passwords can be changed after the initial login.

It takes 4-5 days after registration for new accounts to be activated.

Internet Access

All on-ground students will have wireless access to the Internet and World Wide Web information resources.  To connect, search for available wireless networks and choose “CU-students”. This network is not locked, so you can attach without a key. Windows XP will usually display a small window in the lower right of the screen telling you that wireless networks have been detected. If you are using Microsoft Vista or a Mac, consult the documentation that came with your system for how to connect to a wireless network.

If you are in the residence halls, each of the rooms has a wired internet connection as well. Students will need a “CAT 5”, “CAT 5e” or “CAT 6” network cable to attach to it. These are readily available at the CU Bookstore or almost any store with an office supplies section (Wal-Mart, Target, and of course OfficeMax).


Users will not be allowed to post Web pages on the University’s network and computer systems, except with authorization from IT and/or Cumberland University.  However, users may contribute to a University web page when asked to do so by a University faculty member or administrator. Nothing will be placed on a University web page without the permission and approval of IT.

CAMS Portal

The CAMS Portal is used to check mid-term and final grades, unofficial transcripts, and schedules. Cumberland University maintains the CAMS system on our network, so contact the Office of Information Technology (helpdesk@cumberland.edu) if you have trouble accessing it.

Laptop / PC repair policy

Because of liability issues, Cumberland University does not offer repair or maintenance services for student-owned equipment. We can offer assistance for the following two items ONLY:

  1. You are having trouble connecting to any of our services (Blackboard, student email system, etc.)
  2. You are unable to connect to the campus wireless network (or wired network in the residence halls)

If your laptop or PC is out of warranty, we can refer you to a reputable local repair shop. See the Office of Information Technology for contact information.

If you are using a Lab or Library PC, you can print to nearby printers. Print quantity is monitored by the Business Office and you may be warned if the usage on your account is excessive. The billing office may start charging for paper usage if excessive use continues after a warning has been issued.

Protecting your PC or laptop

Having a good anti-virus / anti-spyware program is essential. Most new systems come with this kind of program installed. If you don’t have a program like this, or your subscription has expired, we can recommend Avast (www.avast.com). This program is a free download if you are a home, non-commercial user, and it does a good job protecting against both viruses and spyware.

What other programs do I need?

Microsoft Office will, in most cases, be all you need for completing assignments and coursework. We are still recommending Office 2003. If you have Office 2007, be sure to save your documents in Office 2003 format when submitting them to your instructors.

Some classes may require or recommend specialized software. Your instructor for that class will have that information, and it should be listed in the course requirements as well.

Office of Information Technology

Labry Hall, Room 003