School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts


 Eric Cummings, Ph.D., Dean
Marjorie S. Anderson, Ph.D.     
Lee D. Austin, M.A.   
C. Rick Bell, M.A.E.   
Christopher S. Byrd, M.A. Mark R. Cheathem, Ph.D.     K. Charles Collier, Ed.D.  
Kim Y. Finch, Ed.D. Stephen B. Finch, Ed.D. Peg R. Fredi, M.F.A.
Sandee Gertz, M.F.A. Stuart E. Harris, D.A. Fred E. Heifner, Th.D.
Sheridan W.S. Henson, Ed.D. Natalie R. Inman, Ph.D. Jaclyn Jennings, M.A.
Brian Q. Kilian, D.M.A. John P. Markert, Ph.D. Jenny L. Mason, Ph.D.
C. William McKee, Ed.D. Larry T. Menefee, Ph.D. Kerry Ann Moore, M.F.A.
Jennifer Novo, M.S. Stephen P. Register, M.S. Michael C. Rex, Ph.D.
J. Michael Ripski, D.Min. Ted C. Rose, M.F.A. Sandra H. Smith, Ed.D.
Summer Vertrees, M.A. George L. Walker, D.A.

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts is to support and develop the overall mission of the university; specifically to encourage artistic expression, understanding of the human experience throughout history, and development of practical and philosophical talents for personal, professional, and educational growth over an entire lifetime. (Revised 2/20/2015)


Associate of Arts (AA)
Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice (AACJ)
Associate of Arts in Education (AAEd)
Associate of Arts in Music (AA in Mus.)
Associate of Arts in History (AA in His.)
Associate of Arts in English (AA in Eng.)
American Studies (BA)
Art & Design (BFA)
Child Growth & Learning (BS)
Criminal Justice & Public Administration (BA)
Education & Human Development (BA)
English (BA)
History (BA)
Humanities & Social Sciences (BA)
Individualized Major (BA)
Liberal Arts (BA)
Music (B.Mus.)
Music Theatre (BA)
Physical Education and Athletic Coaching (BS)
Psychology (BS)
Secondary Education (BS)
Special Education (BS)
Theatre (BA)


Athletic Coaching
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Digital Photography
Film Studies
Graphic Design
Humanities & Social Sciences
Philosophy and Religion
Physical Education
Public Administration