2020-2021 Catalog

For an Additional Licensure Endorsement for PreK-K or PreK-3

Mission Statement

Through the development of pedagogical and content knowledge, personal dispositions, practical applications, professional teaching, and advanced academic coursework, the mission of the PreK-K/PreK-3 Endorsement (Early Childhood) program is to prepare candidates to successfully meet the academic and developmental needs of all students grades PreK-3.
A candidate interested in a PreK-K or PreK-3 endorsement must complete the Child Growth and Learning program of study and the following courses:

The candidate must ALSO take these courses:

ED 334Support for Early Childhood Learning


ED 335Practicum in Support for Early Childhood Learning


ED 412Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum & Assessment


PE 325Physical Training and Academic Readiness



PE 343Essentials in Adaptive Physical Education


Students must earn a "C" or higher in all courses.