Personal Security Guidelines

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Personal security guidelines for students

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1. Personal Security Guidelines

Each individual is responsible for their personal security. The following non-exhaustive list of guidelines is recommended as security procedures to use to enhance personal security.

1. Report all suspicious persons and incidents to the Office of Security or a university official.
2. Do not walk unattended alone in unlit areas at night. Contact security personnel for escorts to parking lots or residence halls.
3. Keep all doors and windows locked.
4. Store all possessions in out-of-sight places. Do not advertise possession of valuable objects or their location.
5. Do not let strangers enter residence hall premises. Report all incidents to the Head Resident.
6. Do not prop open any door nor leave any door unlocked for any amount of time.
7. Do not carry any significant amount of cash on your person.
8. Write your name in all books and on all possessions in a place known only to you.
9. Be aware of your surroundings and distance yourself from suspicious events or persons.
10. Record serial numbers, model numbers, descriptions, and other important information in order to provide police with complete information.

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