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1. Campus Security and Its Role on Campus

Security staff employed by the University provides the overall security supervision and enforcement. They are empowered to enforce the policies and regulations of Cumberland University and to contact the local police at their discretion. Failure to offer proper identification (student ID, etc.) when requested by a member of the Security staff is a serious offense and may result in severe disciplinary action. Similarly, the Security Staff, and other authorized representatives of the University have the authority to request the arrest of or to otherwise initiate a criminal or civil complaint or action against any individual or individuals found in violation of University and/or local, state, or federal laws; and/or to refer individuals for adjudication through the University disciplinary system. Additionally, Security Staff, and other authorized representatives of the University have the authority to intervene and action situations involving a violation of University policy and/or local, state or federal law. Residents, guests, students, and all other persons found in violation of University policies or guidelines by Security staff, employees and/or students of the University, and/or other members of the Cumberland community are subject to disciplinary procedures and/or arrest by civil authorities. The University reserves the right to utilize any and all legal measures necessary to ensure a safe and secure campus environment. This may include, but is not limited to: video and other electronic surveillance, lawful inspection, search and seizure, and other actions or measures deemed appropriate.

The safety and security of all individuals is of paramount importance to the University. Therefore, each person has a duty to contact the Lebanon Police Department by dialing 911, if he or she believes that police intervention is necessary to secure any person or property or to report a crime, fire, or medical emergency. Anytime the local authorities are called, an Incident Report must be filed with the Office of Security and the Office of the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety as soon as possible.

As per the College and University Security Information Act of Tennessee and Title 11 of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, the University reports the crimes on campus listed below. Security policy information is available for review in the Office of the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety and the Dean of Students Office during regular office hours. The University shall provide a copy of this information to any applicant for admission or employment, or to any current student or employee upon request. Crimes reported on campus will be reported to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for compilation, publication, and/or investigation.

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