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Indicates the key individual offices that make up Student Development.

To differentiate between unit functions.

All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

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Policy Provisions

1. Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success is located on the first floor of the Learning and Career Commons, serves as a resource for Cumberland University students in need of academic support and provides tutoring, mentoring, and academic assistance. The primary goal of this office is to provide Cumberland University students with the tools that are necessary for success. While the office is open to all Cumberland University students who wish to obtain academic assistance and/or individual tutoring, Cumberland University faculty may also refer students to the Office of Student Success for further academic attention. The office works closely with the Athletic Department to ensure student-athletes have access to additional academic resources. It also offers the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) which is a series of exams for undergraduates interested in testing-out of certain General Education Classes. Lastly, the center offers the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) for those applying to various graduate schools. The phone number is 547-1295.

2. Office of Career Services

This office is located on the second floor of the Learning and Career Commons. The Office of Career Services serves as a resource forCumberland University students and alumni who are entering the world of work or who are embarking on a job search. The primary goal of this office is to provide Cumberland University students and alumni with the tools that are necessary for identifying and pursuing job opportunities. Students and alumni who wish to search job sites, receive assistance with job searches, develop or refine resumes, and participate in a wide range of career planning programs. It also arranges job fairs and large-scale career search and interview opportunities each semester to help students and employers have a common venue to network and interact. It works closely with all academic and administrative units to gather and disseminate data relative to job opportunities, salary ranges, educational needs, and other pertinent measures. The office phone number is 547-1357.

3. Counseling Center/Disability Services

The Counseling Center/Disability Services Office is located in Labry Hall 225. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Counseling Center at 547-1397. The staff of the Counseling Center views counseling as another form of learning where students are able to learn more effective means of resolving concerns and developing strategies for achieving personal and professional goals. Counseling can assist those who are experiencing various personal problems and difficulties. Some of the concerns commonly addressed include adjustment to college, relationships, stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and self-esteem. Counseling services are offered free of charge to all currently enrolled and registered CU students. Students are provided short-term counseling services on campus. For longer-term issues, referrals will be made to appropriate community providers. The Counseling Center staff is also available to consult with faculty, staff, parents and significant others about students of concern and how to support them. It is important for members of the CU community to understand that sessions conducted by the Counseling Center are confidential. Information about whether or not a student has come to the Counseling Center and well as the content of counseling sessions cannot be released except upon the student's written request, in circumstances which would result in clear danger to the individual or others, reports of child or elder neglect and/or abuse, or as may be required by other laws. The Counseling Center strictly adheres to this policy.

4. Dean of Students

The Cumberland University Dean of Students Office, located in room 206 of Labry Hall, serves a central role in student learning and development. The services offered by staff members within this office promote a safe, healthy, and culturally sensitive campus. Staff members within this office seek to inspire students to embrace community service and leadership opportunities while pursuing intellectual, professional, personal, and spiritual growth on campus and throughout their lives. The Dean of Students establishes and maintains collaborative partnerships to achieve a seamless learning environment that links, aligns, and integrates student affairs and academic endeavors. The Dean of Students is responsible for providing direct service or oversight for Student Conduct, Residence Life, Student Life, Greek Affairs, Multicultural Inclusion issues, the Student Leadership Academy, Service Learning initiatives, the Counseling Center/Disability Services, and the Cumberland University Parent Association.

5. Office of Greek Affairs

Questions regarding the policies, procedures, and structure of the Office of Greek Affairs should be addressed to the Director of the Office of Residence Life on the first floor of Labry Hall. The office phone number is 547-1285.

Greek membership is a lifelong commitment made by the student. Members of Greek organizations represent the finest quality of individuals based upon scholarship, leadership, service and high moral and ethical standards. Fraternities and sororities at Cumberland University are expected to support and ensure general cooperation between chapters and the University. By emphasizing the development of their members as concerned participants in their chapter and the Cumberland community, the fraternities and sororities support the ideals of loyalty, both to the University and the fraternity/sorority, and responsible citizenship. Greek organizations are expected to share in the academic mission of Cumberland University, to uphold the Cumberland Creed at all times, and be a positive contributor to the Cumberland community as well as the Lebanon and Middle Tennessee community as a whole.

6. Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is located on the first floor of Labry Hall. The office phone number is 547-1285. The e-mail address is reslife@cumberland.edu. The Office of Residence Life is committed to providing a comfortable and nurturing community conducive to students' pursuit of scholarship, celebration of differences great and small, and assisting students with their social and personal development. Members of the residence life staff at Cumberland University will:

•Support a safe and comfortable living environment where all students are recognized and valued
•Test students to discover more about themselves and others through introspection, examining personal values, personal beliefs, and their awareness of issues surrounding them
•Empower students to pursue personal growth while making being active in the community and providing service to the University and local community
•Encourage the exploration of knowledge, the development of skills, and the understanding of sensitivity and respect as integral parts of the interactions between individuals and groups
•Produce life experiences and classroom activities in a dynamic environment

Living on campus provides an experience that is more than just a place to sleep, study and watch TV. It is a place where students come and are challenged and changed. Living on campus provides a place where Cumberland memories begin and where the relationships are developed from friendships that last a lifetime.

7. Office of Student Life

This office is located on the first floor of Labry Hall and can be reached by calling 547-1390. Staff members within this office coordinate student activities on campus, advise the Student Government Association, oversee student organizations and coordinate the intramural sports program.

8. Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services, located in Memorial Hall, is the primary office for assisting eligible students with their financial needs. This office is responsible for distributing local, state, and federal funds, scholarship and endowed scholarship funds, and institutional aid.

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