Student Health Care

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Information about student health care.

Delineation of University policy.



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1. Health Care

Students covered by their parents’ medical insurance are advised to have a medical card should treatment be needed. In the event an emergency situation should arise which requires immediate medical attention, the individual should go to the emergency room at the hospital or call 911. Students should report any illness or hospitalization to the Residence Life Coordinator and/or Office of Residence Life as soon as possible.

All students are encouraged to carry health insurance in the event of accident or illness, but the university does not act as an agent for any insurance company.

Cumberland University assumes no responsibility for the payment of health care expenses incurred by a student beyond the established services offered through the Rudy Wellness Center. Cumberland University assumes no responsibility in the resolution of claims submitted by the student to the insurance company.

Also see RWC policies and procedures and RESLIFE-121.

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