Unauthorized Entry or Use of University Facilities

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General Description

Information for students relative to Unauthorized Entry or Use of University Facilities

Delineation of policy

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Relevant Knowledge: 
State statutes
Standards of good practice
Standard company policies
National Greek policies
Local statutes
Federal statutes
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions:
Additional training
Corrective Action
Loss of privilege, general
Policy Provisions

1. Unauthorized Entry or Use of University Facilities

A. No student shall enter any University building, office or other facility without proper authorization nor shall any person remain without authorization in any building after normal closing hours.

B. No student shall make unauthorized use of any University facility.

C. Unauthorized possession or use of University keys is prohibited.

D. Students and/or student groups may not make reservations in their names for outside groups or organizations to use University space.

E. No student shall make unauthorized use or misuse of the University's computing facilities and/or photocopying facilities to include: logging on an account without the knowledge and permission of the owner, changing, deleting or adding to the programs, files and/or data without authorization of the owner; theft of program data or machine resources; copyright infringement or other violations; attempts to thwart security of the computer system; attempts to disrupt the normal operations of the computer system, including hardware and software.

Performance Evaluation

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Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Further training
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