2023-2024 Catalog

Licensure Only

The Instructional Leadership (Licensure) concentration is designed to prepare candidates seeking licensure as beginning administrators under the Tennessee Learning Centered Leadership Policy. More information concerning the leadership redesign can be found at http://www.tnelc.org/. Candidates completing the K-12 Instructional Leadership concentration must successfully pass the Praxis SLLA Exam (required for the ILL-B License - Test Code 6011) to obtain both the M.Ed. degree and licensure. Approved Instructional Leadership preparation programs are required that all candidate applicants hold a current Teacher's License, have a minimum of three years of successful education working experience, and submit a confidential application portfolio3 that contains the following:

Admission Criteria

Portfolio Requirements

  • A copy of the TN SDE Experience Verification Form signed by the appropriate LEA personnel (http://www.state.tn.us/education/lic/doc/ed2034a.pdf);
  • Copy of the most recent performance appraisal/evaluation,
  • Current professional development plan with goals to improve performance, pursuant to last evaluation,
  • Evidence of ability to improve student achievement and also demonstrated leadership in coaching other teachers to raise student achievement1,
  • Evidence of knowledge about curriculum, instruction and assessment1,
  • A personal statement of career goals and how the preparation program would assist the candidate in reaching stated goals,
  • Recommendations as specified in partnership agreement,
  • Evidence that describes qualities of collaboration, cooperation and relationship building.


  • Challenged students through rigorous, standards-based teaching.
  • Integrated technology into daily teaching.
  • Worked collaboratively on teaching/learning issues with teaching teams.
  • Analyzed research and applied it to practice.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the larger community.
  • Demonstrated the ability to articulate and implement a vision.
  • Shown commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Shown evidence of leadership and management potential, including evidence of most recent accomplishments in the area of instructional leadership1.
  • Provide for joint screening by university/non-higher education program provider and school system leaders with assessment tools.
  • Conduct observations and videos of classroom and peer teaching.

The evidence and documentation shall be developed collaboratively between districts and university/non-higher education program providers. Please use the Evaluation Rubric for TILS.

Interview Requirement – During the interview, the candidate must be prepared to discuss how he or she has a working knowledge and track record of implementing the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards. A case-study analysis writing sample will be completed on campus during interview visit. Prompt will be based on concentration.

Candidates enrolled the M.Ed. program will be engaged in assessments that are based on NCATE, ISSLLC and TIL standards underlying the core curriculum for instructional leaders. The continued development of the portfolio throughout the M.Ed. program will afford candidates opportunities for reflection and self-evaluation. The portfolio should serve as a way to highlight expertise and competence that will be used to gain future employment as a K-12 administrator. To complete the program, licensure-seeking candidates must complete an oral defense of their portfolio in the last semester of work. The defense of the portfolio, and its artifacts, shall function as the comprehensive exam for all leadership candidates seeking the ILL-B Administrative License.

Total Credit Hours: 30

In order to complete a licensure only track, please contact an M.Ed. advisor.

Licensure: Candidates for a Tennessee Administrator's license must pass the state-required exam to be qualified for a license, and as a requirement to complete the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership program. Exam requirements periodically change. Candidates must consult the Tennessee Department of Education and Educational Testing Service websites for a list of current licensure exams.