2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Art and Design

The Art and Design degree program offers classes in art appreciation and art history which allow students to discover the ideas that have influenced the development of art in various cultures. Studio experiences enables the student to learn and practice methods and techniques that promote personal and professional expression in the visual arts. Class critiques develop evaluation skills, and a gallery program provides students with an opportunity to view changing exhibits of art, and to exhibit their own work in student art shows, as well as hear lectures by visiting professionals.

Graduating seniors will produce and document Art for a senior exhibit, which will be critiqued by faculty and other professionals. Studio classes require more time than general lecture classes. Students taking studio classes should be aware of the time allotted for each session. The Art faculty reserves the right to retain any student work for exhibition and teaching purposes. Upon graduation, each student will produce a digital portfolio of his or her best work from Visual Arts classes.

The Art and Design degree program contains the following areas of emphasis: 
    Entertainment Design
    Digital Photography
    Studio Art*

*Note: Art and Design with an emphasis in Studio Art has an option for additional courses for Art Education.