2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Master Teacher Option

Cumberland University is proud to offer a Master Teacher Option – an individualized course of study for people seeking their first teacher's license. Through this option, candidates seeking an initial teaching license can complete a baccalaureate degree, student teach and complete a  Master's degree in five years, including two summers of Master's level coursework. It is an individualized program for licensure rather than a degree or academic major.

This option is designed to allow enrolled Cumberland University candidates to complete a full degree in the content area they wish to teach, and to become prepared for the rigors, challenges, and rewards of a career in teaching through undergraduate and Master's level course work in educational methods and issues. 

Note: Because this individualized course of study must comply with state-mandated requirements for candidate preparation for student teaching and teacher licensure, Candidates interested in this option must complete a course of study plan with advisors from the School of Education and Public Service, and an advisor in their content area. Candidates choosing this option should attend the School of Education & Public Service’s annual mandatory advisory meetings.

Master Teacher Options can be organized for the types of license that Cumberland University is approved by the State of Tennessee to offer. This list can be found at http://www.k-12.state.tn.us/ihelicense/ProgramsList.asp?buid=5149.

How it Works:

First 3-4 Years

Candidates for teacher licensure complete the Bachelor’s degree, taking specific education courses in place of, or in addition to, general electives hours in the degree. Cumberland University students interested in this option must participate in the Teacher Education Progression, including participating in interviews, keeping a cumulative portfolio, and other requirements.

Senior Year

Candidates apply for the MAT program during the final semester of the Bachelor’s degree (all admission standards apply). They must take two specific Education courses their last semester. These are Instructional Methods, and Classroom Management.

Summer/Fall of Fifth Year

During the Summer term after completing their Bachelor’s degree, candidates take 2-3 specific MAT courses. Student teaching takes place the Fall after completing the Bachelor’s degree.

Spring/Summer of Fifth Year

Upon successful completion of the student teaching semester, the Cumberland University Teacher Licensure Officer may submit the candidate’s application for initial state licensure. Candidates then complete the remaining credit hours in the MAE, which may be completed by the end of the following summer.