2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Message from the President

This Catalog is published by Cumberland University. The statements set forth in this Catalog are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between a student and this institution. Cumberland University reserves the right to change, update, and/or reprint this document as the institution deems necessary. The official version of this document will be housed on the University website and will be available in appropriate administrative offices. 


Harvill C. Eaton, Ph.D.

Harvill C. Eaton, President


Dear Students,

Welcome to Cumberland University! You are joining a community of people who take great pride in teaching and learning. Cumberland University has exceptional faculty and staff who are eager to guide and challenge you so that you can go out into the world and leave your mark.

The campus is a community of life-long learners who embrace values such as collaboration, community service, diversity, innovation, and integrity. These ideals are lived daily and are as much a part of what we teach as is the content in the textbooks. I encourage you to become familiar with the contents of this document so that you can take full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities and resources available to you at Cumberland University. The Cumberland learning experience will be life changing for you. 

The origin of Cumberland University in Lebanon is with a small college of log cabin buildings in Kentucky in 1825. We are, therefore, approaching our third century of service. The students who are at Cumberland will be the teachers, scientists, artists, healthcare professionals, and business leaders of tomorrow, so we will be in good hands.  

Join us, and see you around campus!



Harvill C. Eaton, Ph.D.