2015-2016 Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education degree was instituted in 1987 and received accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1991. 

Note : Though coursework in the Master of Arts in Education program is delivered online, Field Experiences are required in many courses that will necessitate visiting schools during school hours for observations and instructional activity. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education is to provide a broad-based teaching curriculum designed to augment teaching skills, introduce the candidate to innovative dimensions of learning, and to enhance professional performance in the classroom. To that end, each course contained in the program is carefully selected to promote and encourage a prominent degree of professionalism in the MAE candidate.

Advisors (Academic)

Each entering MAE candidate will be advised by the coordinator of the MAE program. The coordinator will advise candidates during orientation and throughout the tenure of the candidate. Each semester, all candidate schedules will be prepared and forwarded to each candidate by the MAE coordinator under the supervision of the MAE director.

In all academic advising, the candidate has certain responsibilities. He/She must consult with the MAE coordinator or director prior to registration and other times as necessary. It is the responsibility of each candidate to know the requirements of the program and to meet them satisfactorily for graduation.

Comprehensive Final Examination

All candidates for the Master of Arts in Education degree at must successfully complete a Comprehensive Exam near the completion of all other degree requirements. Regulations concerning the Comprehensive Examination are as follows:

  1. The Comprehensive Exam must be taken no later than six (6) months after the completion of all other degree requirements.
  2. All examinations are developed and administered by members of the Graduate Faculty as appointed by the Director of the MAE Program.
  3. This examination is designed to cover the various components of the graduate program.
  4. All tests will be graded and critiqued for grammar and punctuation.
  5. Each question will be graded and critiqued by the primary author(s) of the question.
  6. A candidate who does not satisfactorily complete all portions of the written comprehensive examination may, within one year, take all or any part of the examination again as determined by the MAE faculty.

Graduation Requirements

Listed below is a summary of the requirements graduate candidates must complete to earn a Master of Arts in Education degree in the field of education.

  1. Each candidate must successfully complete the required thirty-six (36) semester hours of graduate coursework for the Master’s degree within seven calendar years from the date of entry as a degree-seeking candidate. 
  2. All candidates are required to successfully complete the required 36 semester hours of courses numbered MAE 5000 through 5499.
  3. All candidates must be in good academic standing to meet graduation requirements (see above).
  4. Each candidate must successfully complete all portions of the comprehensive written examination. A passing score for this examination is the equivalent of 80% or higher on each portion of the examination.
  5. Each candidate must receive the recommendation (approval) from the Graduate Studies Council of Cumberland University indicating this candidate to be representative of the high ideals of the graduate studies program of Cumberland University.
  6. Each candidate must file an Intent to Graduate form, pay the required graduation fees, and may participate in the Commencement Ceremonies. Participation is not required.

Degree Requirements


MAE 5010Innovative Instructional Technology


MAE 5020School Law


MAE 5030Curriculum Designs


MAE 5040Contemporary Issues


MAE 5050Advanced Educational Psychology


MAE 5060Strategies for 21st Century Classroom


MAE 5070Advanced Classroom Management


MAE 5080Diverse Populations


MAE 5120School Public Relations/Communications


MAE 5180Education: The Profession & The Professional


MAE 5250Building Literacy in the K-12 Classroom


MAE 5400Advanced Assessment


36 credit hours minimum required for graduation.