2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Advisors

Each entering freshman will be assigned to a designated faculty member. The Registrar will assign an academic advisor to each student beyond the freshman year who has not selected a major. Academic advisors will assist in selecting courses, advise on academic progress, and help develop vocational plans and objectives. The Deans of each School may recommend a faculty member to be an academic advisor for students selecting an academic major in their School. An official list of students and advisors is maintained by the Registrar in Room 107 of Memorial Hall. 

In all academic advising, the student has certain responsibilities. He/she must arrange meetings with the advisor several times a term, not just prior to registration. It is the responsibility of each student to know both the general requirements and those of the particular field of study and to meet them satisfactorily for graduation. Changing academic majors may require additional or repeat course work in order to complete a degree program. Students may change advisors or majors using the Change of Information form in the Registrar’s Office.