2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual attendance at class sessions, laboratories, and examinations is an obligation that all students are expected to fulfill. Attendance is viewed as essential to effective participation in the instructional program. Faculty members specify attendance policies in their individual course syllabi. Any student missing more than three hours of class instruction will be considered to be in academic difficulty. Absences will be reported by faculty members to appropriate University officials. Absence from class does not constitute official withdrawal from the course. Students who fail to attend the first class meeting without prior approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs may be dropped from the course to make space available to other students. As a matter of courtesy, a student absent from any class should explain the absence to the faculty member teaching the course. Faculty members and coaches in charge of activities which require students to be absent from class should notify the instructor prior to the absence. Each student must assume personal responsibility for all information, discussion, and conceptual analysis that took place during the class.

Absence from class will not be accepted as an excuse for not knowing class material.