2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

CU Connect


College is about making connections in community with others: relational connections, idea connections, theory and practice connections, connections with your values and interests. We want to ensure that you have a broad array of opportunities to discover who you are and what you are passionate about, gain perspective on the world, challenge conventional wisdom, and explore the complexities and beauty of life. The goals of CU Connect are:

  1. To improve student outside of class engagement in ideas, problems, and questions within the various areas of inquiry represented in the General Education Core curriculum;
  2. increase student understanding of the holistic nature of their Cumberland education and the value of the liberal arts, and;
  3. facilitate student exploration of career interests, service to their community, and enriching off-campus learning experiences.

Cumberland University offers students the unique opportunity to broaden and deepen their education through academic engagement in college and outside of the classroom through friendships, challenging conversations, and encounters with community members of different backgrounds and life experiences.


CU Connect is a required out-of-class program for freshmen and sophomore full-time students designed to help you gain skills and knowledge to appreciate and integrate your general education experience. Full-time enrolled students at Cumberland must accumulate 4 Connect Points each semester for the first two years of college.

Through attending Connect events, you will have the opportunity to discover your academic interests, obtain guidance in making career choices for your future, and take advantage of the learning resources in our community. You will be able to express your curiosity by signing up and attending events which our faculty and staff will be hosting. It is the perfect opportunity to make connects with professors and students outside of the classroom.

ALL CUMBERLAND STUDENTS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND CONNECT EVENTS. For more information about CU Connect and for the current schedule please visit the CU Connect website.