2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Correspondence Credits

Credits earned by correspondence may be accepted toward graduation subject to the following stipulations:

  1. The credits earned must be from a college that is regionally accredited.
  2. Students in residence enrolled in 15 semester hours or more may not register for such courses.
  3. Students not enrolled in 15 semester hours or more may, with written permission of the Dean of the appropriate school, enroll for the number of hours for which permission is given.
  4. ENG 101, ENG 102, and MATH 111 may not be taken by correspondence.
  5. Credits earned in correspondence courses must be “C” or above and in accord with the declared academic program of the student involved and must not duplicate courses already completed satisfactorily. A Cumberland University student may not use correspondence credit to repeat any previously transcripted class.
  6. The maximum amount of correspondence and/or credit by examination allowed is one-fourth of the total number of credits required for a degree. In addition, the total number of credits earned through non-classroom circumstances may not exceed 30 hours. Specific information on course listings may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar. Since Cumberland University does not offer correspondence credit, for additional information, Tennessee residents may write or telephone:

    Correspondence Program
    Division of Continuing Education
    University of Tennessee
    Communications Building
    Circle Park Drive
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Interested students should see the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean for permission criteria.