2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Internship and Practicum Experiences

A goal of Cumberland University is to enable the student to apply the knowledge and theories learned in academic courses to professional work environments. Internship and practicum courses are designed to accomplish this goal. Students enrolled in an internship or practicum experience are supervised by a University faculty member, the Director of Career Services, and by a qualified and practicing professional in the work place.

Internships and practicum experiences are available each semester. Placement of students in internship and practicum settings is the responsibility of the University. Prior approval from the Director of Career Services and a faculty sponsor is necessary for enrollment. Students will not receive academic credit for experiences that are not previously approved, assigned, and supervised. Grading is either pass (“P”) or fail (“F”). The prior academic performance of the student is a consideration in the selection and approval process. Students who have achieved junior or senior standing and have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 are eligible to participate. No more than six semester hours of credit may be earned through these experiences, except when noted in a certain program of study. Predetermined and measurable academic objectives must be established for the internship or practicum prior to assignment. Success in the internship or practicum experience is determined, in part, by meeting these objectives.

Internship and practicum experiences will be designed to assist the student in exploring career opportunities and directions, while assisting the student in the development of the professional skills necessary to enter the employment arena after graduation. Internship and practicums described in this section should not be confused with student teaching which is required of education majors, or with clinicals which are required of nursing majors. See the Internship section of our catalog for additional information.