2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Procedures for Approval and Implementation of Academic Policies

To facilitate the accomplishment of its academic function, the basic academic administrative organization of Cumberland University consists of Schools, Deans, Office of Academic Affairs, University Committee on Courses, Curriculum, and Academic Policy (UCCCAP), Online and Professional Studies Academics Committee (OSAC), Graduate Council (GC), Deans’ Council, and University President. These arrangements are appropriate to the primary mission of the University.

Cumberland University academic policies may arise through one of four routes: Submission to or origination by UCCCAP/GC, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Deans’ Council, and/or the University President. Each of these bodies communicates with the others regarding the efficacy of the proposed policy. To ensure that all academic endeavors of Cumberland University remain true to the University mission, any new academic policy must transverse a series of review bodies. Any proposal submitted by UCCCAP or GC must be first approved by the Deans’ Council and the Office of Academic Affairs and then by the University President before implementation. Academic Policy proposals made by the Office of Academic Affairs, Deans’ Council, and/or the University President should be reviewed by UCCCAP and approved by all review bodies prior to practice. Policies that are School specific will be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to determine adherence to the University mission and its value.