2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Majors

RN to BSN OnlineA major field of study should be selected as early as possible. A major must be declared before the senior year. Each major consists of a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours in a chosen area of specialization. The total number of hours may vary with the specialization area chosen.

Some students choose to complement a major program with a minor in a related field. All minors require a minimum of at least eighteen (18) semester hours. Specific requirements for majors and minors are listed in the respective disciplines.

Undergraduate Majors

Associates Degrees

Associate in Arts (AA)

Associate in Arts Criminal Justice (AA in CJ)

Associate in Arts Education (AA in Ed)

Associate in Arts Business (AAB)

Associate in Science (AS)

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Athletic Training (BS)

Biology (BS)

Biochemistry (BS)

Child Growth and Learning (Elementary Education) (BS)

Forensic and Criminal Justice Sciences (BS)

Health-and-Human-Performance-w emphasis-in-Sport-and-Exercise-Science (BS)

Health-and-Human-Performance-w emphasis-in-Sport-Management (BS)

Health-and-Human-Performance-w emphasis-in-Physical-Education-and-Health (BS)

Information Technology (BS)

Mathematics (BS)

Psychology (BS)

Special Education (K-12) (BS)

Bachelor of Arts

American Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies) (BA)

Criminal Justice & Public Administration

Education & Human Development
(Interdisciplinary Studies) (BA)

English (BA)

History (BA)

Humanities & Social Science
(Interdisciplinary Studies) (BA)

Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies) (BA)

Music Theatre (BA)

Theatre (BA)

Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees

Accounting (BBA)

Business Administration (BBA)

Health Care Administration (BBA)

Marketing (BBA)

Management (BBA)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing (BSN)


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Art & Design (BFA)

Bachelor of Music

Music (B.Mu.)

Dual Major

Secondary Education (must be taken with content area) Dual Major