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1. Introduction

The purpose of Cumberland University campus mail services is to provide efficient distribution of the US Postal Service and inter-departmental mail for University departments and for residence students

The Cumberland University Mail Room is located in the lower level of the Mitchell Student Center, and receives and sends US mail for University departments as well as resident students. Mail boxes for resident students are also housed outside the mail room. In addition to receiving and sending U.S. mail, the mail room processes campus mail as well as UPS and Federal Express Packages.

2. Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary according to the time of year. The current hours of operation are always posted on the mail room window and door. In general the mail room maintains the following hours during the regular school year, August through May.

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The mail room may deviate from the above hours due to school closings, holidays, or staff availability. When alterations to the normal operating hours are necessary, the modified hours will be posted outside the mail room. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding mail room policies and procedures, please feel free to contact the mail room at ext. 1411.

3. US Mail

The nearest United States Postal Service is located at:

226 E Gay St
Lebanon, TN
(615) 453-4758

The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail to the Mailroom once a day, Monday through Friday.

4. PO Box Keys

PO Box keys will be issued by the mail room to resident hall students. To obtain a key, students must present their student ID and complete an information card with contact information. There is no charge for PO Box use. Keys must be surrendered upon leaving the University. There is a lost key charge of $25 if the key is lost. This amount will be charged to the student account.

5. Outgoing Mail

Outgoing first class mail must be received in the mail room no later than 11:00 AM in order to be processed the same day.

All mail is sent first class unless otherwise specified. The mail room can insure or send registered or certified first class mail. It is necessary to specify when special handling is required. Federal Express service is available.

Regular size (#10) envelopes may be left unsealed. They can be sealed by the postage machine if the flaps are folded down. When putting mail in envelopes, please make sure that the contents are completely in the envelope so contents do not fall out and the flap can be sealed easily.

Envelopes of odd size or large envelopes must be sealed by the sender. The sealing machine cannot handle these odd sizes.

If you must use paper clips on the contents of envelopes, please make sure that the paper clips are at the bottom of the envelope; otherwise the envelope will jam in the machine.


6. Foreign Mail

Please separate foreign mail from the remaining mail bundle. Names of foreign countries must be included on foreign mail, and the country's name must be spelled out. Do not abbreviate a foreign country's name. EXAMPLE: "Canada" must be spelled out on mail going to Canada. It is not correct to just indicate the Canadian Province or to abbreviate "CA" -- this is the USPS abbreviation for California. Canadian Postal Codes can be found on Canada Post's website athttp://www.canadapost.ca/. Be prepared to complete appropriate customs forms as requested by the USPS. Customs forms may be picked up from Mail Room.

7. Mail Pick-up

In order to pick up student packages and oversize mail from the counter, an ID must be presented.


All packages received in the Mailroom are recorded and must be signed out to the recipient. The Mailroom receives all small packages from commercial carriers (mainly UPS, DHL and FedEx), logs them and notifies the person or department to whom they are addressed. Packages are delivered at various times throughout the day.

8. Change of Address

At least one month prior to a student planning to leave the University, the student should contact all sources for their incoming mail such as banks, etc. to change mailing addresses. The USPS will not forward student mail.

9. Faculty and Staff

Department IDs must be presented to pick up all department mail.

To assure efficient processing of the University mail, please prepare outgoing mail in accordance with the following procedures and instructions. All outgoing mail must be separated by classification; all envelopes turned the same way before leaving in the post office.

US Mail
United States Mail which is to be processed through the University postage meter and transferred to the US Post Office must be placed in a separate bundle. Envelopes should all be turned the same way with flaps flat. Manila or large side-seal envelopes cannot be sealed with the postage machine. Outgoing mail should be bundled and secured with a rubber band. US Mail should be further separated into bundles according to the classification which require special postage computation such as Air Mail, post cards, etc., (and if possible, different weights of mail should be separated). Mail going out of the country should always be kept separate to insure adequate postage and timely delivery.

Campus Mail
Campus mail must be prepared in a separate bundle and bound by a rubber band. When using inter-office envelopes, please fold the flap inside, or if the envelope is bulky, bind it with a rubber band. PLEASE DO NOT USE TAPE TO SEAL THE ENVELOPES. TAPE DAMAGES THE ENVELOPES FOR CONTINUED USE. Campus-wide mailings should be sorted by department. Mail addressed to faculty and staff should include department name.

Other Classifications
All stamped personal or postage-paid mail must be bound separately.

Departmental Account Numbers
On all out-going mail and business reply envelopes, a department must be on the envelope under the return address. This is necessary so the Mail Room can charge your account for postage.
Monthly, all postage expense incurred by a department is charged to that department and reported to fund controllers on a statement of charges.

The account from which to charge a mailing is determined by the return address on the envelope; or by any special instructions indicating a specific account number to be used attached to a bundle prepared for mailing. Notification by written memo to the Mail Department of any change (addition or deletion) of an account number is the responsibility of the supervisor of the department. The mail department is not responsible for keeping up with departmental mail budget account balances.

Bulk Mailing Procedures
Bulk Mailings are an easy option for departments. This saves you time and effort as well as getting discounted rates through USPS. All pieces in a bundle must be the same size and weight and face the same direction. The permit number and bulk mail insignia will be applied by the mailroom. The mailroom will provide a 'piece count" after the permit is applied to the envelopes and a blank form which the department is required to complete. Once the count and class are identified, the department is responsible for obtaining a check and for taking the mail and payment to the local post office.
In order for a bulk mailing to go to the post office on the same day it is delivered to the mailroom, it has to be in the mailroom by 11:00 AM.

Business Reply Mail
Please be sure that the department name is on all business reply envelopes.

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