Unit Specific Information--Sodexo at Cumberland University

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Information about unit-specific information for Sodexo employees at Cumberland University.

Delineation of Sodexo policy.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Maintenance and Housekeeping
Executive Director of Facilities and Safety

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Policy Provisions

1. Time Cards

All hourly employees will clock in and out for the day at the Facilities office. All employees of both Sodexo and Cumberland University working in the Facilities Dept. will be issued an electronic time card. No one is to use a card other than their own. Do not clock in/out anyone other than yourself.

2. Tobacco Usage

All Cumberland University buildings are tobacco free areas. Tobacco use is not allowed in Cumberland or Sodexo owned vehicles. Furthermore as stated in the Sodexo Employee handbook “Smokers are not entitled to additional break time”. The handbook also states, “While we recognize the desire of some employees to use tobacco, we must be respectful of the rights of all affected by such use. You may smoke or use tobacco products only in those areas so designated by the Company/client, and only during scheduled break and lunch periods.“ Additionally all tobacco by products i.e. cigarette butts and used snuff must be disposed of properly
This policy applies to, Sodexo Education Services and work-study/student employees.

3. Parking

Convenient parking is a problem on most college and university campuses. Please observe and obey all fire lanes, directional signs, handicapped and reserved spaces. Do not block others in. Keep vehicles and golf carts off of grass/landscaped areas. Do Not Park on sidewalks; especially do not block entrances or exits.

4. Visitors/Phone Calls

Personal/family visitors are not allowed on campus while employees are on the clock. Visitors may come to the Facilities Office at lunch/end of shift on a limited basis.

Phone calls for employees to the Facilities office will have messages placed on time cards. Only in the case of an emergency will the employee be paged for personal phone calls. Cell phone usage for personal calls and/or texting should be limited to regular break/lunch time.

5. Property Removal

All stored, abandoned, discarded etc. material and supplies and equipment are the property of Cumberland University or Sodexo and should not be removed for personal use. Occasionally, with prior approval of the General Manager and/or Executive Director of Facilities and Safety, an individual may be permitted to take a surplus item and/or borrow a piece of equipment for personal use. EQUIPMENT SIGN OUT LOG must be completed and signed by employee and General Manager.

6. Vehicle Usage and Safety

All employees must obey DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY guidelines – see attached. Operators of Cumberland or Sodexo owned vehicles must complete DRIVERS APPLICANT QUESTIONNAIRE – see attached. Remember that you are representing Cumberland University and Sodexo, so use your “good driver manners.” See attached vehicle accident report form. This form must be completed for ALL vehicle accidents.

7. Overtime

All overtime must be approved and scheduled in advance by your immediate supervisor with the exception of after hours emergencies.

After hours emergencies will be assigned to the employee(s) most familiar with the problem and/or most readily available to campus for the nature of the emergency.

Due to budget constraints, whenever possible overtime should be flexed out to minimized financial impact.

8. Vacation

Vacation must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance. See attached TIME OFF REQUEST FORM. Some “black-out” periods may apply during special events and certain other times as designated in advance by management.

9. Sick Time

Except in the case of extreme illness or injury, the employee must call in person. In cases of extreme illness or injury, someone may call for the employee in which case a doctor’s release will be required prior to return to work. Call in at least 1 hour before your shift. Call 615-444-8246 and leave a message if office is closed. It is important we know as soon as possible that you will be off so your task schedule/work orders can be reassigned. No call, no shows are grounds for “coaching” and/or termination. It is your responsibility to call in if you are unexpectedly going to be late or absent.

10. Personal Time (Prior Approval Required)

Realizing that personal needs arise that might require employees to be away from work for short periods, scheduled in advance whenever possible, each employee will receive 24 hours of non-paid personal time per calendar year. Personal time can be used only if other more appropriate (paid time) leave is not available. Approved leave type will be at the discretion of a manager with appropriate prior notice to the employee via signed time off request. A time off request form must be completed and signed by the requesting employee. The supervisor or manager, due to unit workload, may deny requests.

11. Flex Time (Prior Approval Required)

1. Leave early for overtime “balance out” if desired. Same pay week only. Manager must approve.
2. Make-up personal time with pay – in same pay week only. If workload permits. Manager must approve.

12. Work Schedule

Whenever possible your immediate supervisor will let you know 2 weeks in advance of any deviations from your normal shift. The nature of campus facilities management will at times require scheduled night/weekend coverage and occasional unscheduled assignments. All employees are subject to after-hours call outs for emergencies with a 2-hour minimum pay or flex time off. You are expected to report to work when scheduled and as scheduled for weekend, evening, or emergency call-outs.

In turn, you are expected to let your supervisor know in ADVANCE of any work time related issues affecting your daily on clock time. Managers will, WITHIN REASON, work with all hourly employees to accommodate personal needs related to work schedules, in accordance with the time off categories/policies in this unit specific supplement and the Sodexo Employee Handbook – March 2009 edition. We ask that you not take advantage of this “flexibility”.

13. Inclement Weather

Every safe effort should be made to report for your scheduled shift – unless an official state of emergency has been issued. We are responsible for proper operation of campus – even during bad weather. If bad weather hits while on the clock, you may be required to work overtime to survey campus for damages and begin repairs/clean-up.

14. Breaks

You will be allowed to take individual 15-minute breaks for each four-hour work block. You are to remain on your task schedule/work orders throughout your shift with the exception of lunch and break. You are not permitted to leave campus during breaks. This is the time for personal and cell phone calls, as well as discreet smoking. Breaks are not a right they are a privilege. As such, if abused, they can be eliminated.

15. Lunch

A lunch period of 60 minutes will be taken no later than 6 hours into a shift. You must take at least a 30-minute lunch period if you work longer than a 6-hour shift.

If a work related task prevents you from taking lunch at your scheduled time, inform your supervisor and schedule a time later or earlier in your shift for your lunch break.

Meal breaks for after hours/overtime shifts will be determined by the supervisor on duty, but never more than six hours into your shift.

16. Performance Review

Standardized performance reviews are conducted for the hourly employees annually.

17. Uniforms and ID Cards

Uniform shirts must be worn while on duty. A UNIFORM RECEIPT form is signed on issue. At end of employment, uniforms and ID card must be turned in before release of final paycheck.

Performance Evaluation

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