Student Affairs and Retention Committee

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1. Description

The Cumberland University Student Affairs and Retention Committee (SARC) meets regularly to review and discuss issues related to student life, student activity, retention, and persistence toward graduation.

2. By-Laws

2.1 Committee Composition

1. The CU SARC will consist of members that include representation from each of the academic schools of the University and representative staff and/or administrators with expertise in the area of student life and/or retention/persistence that insures adequately informed representation of the University. The representatives will include, but not be limited to the following: the Executive Vice President, the Dean of Students, the Director of Student Life, the Director of Residence Life, a representative from the majority of the three University schools, the Director of Athletics, and at least four (4) current undergraduate students.

2. Each school representative on the CU SARC will be recommended by members of the Committee at the beginning of each academic year. In cases where committee members vacate a position, special appointment will be made to fill the open position by recommendation of the Chair of the SARC and majority vote of the SARC.

3. School representative members of the CU SARC term of service is one year and has no term limits.

4. The CU SARC will operate with an internally elected Chair, and Secretary. The Chair and a Secretary will be appointed at the first fall meeting in years of new member appointment.
a. Special Accommodations will be made in the case of a Chair’s resignation and a special election will be held to replace the chair.

b. The term of service as Committee Chair is unlimited.
i. It is the role of the Committee Chair to communicate weekly with and take in advisement tasks recommended by the LC. The CU SARC Chair will also invite the LC membership to Committee meetings when appropriate to facilitate the two bodies working in concert.
ii. It is the role of the Committee Chair to communicate monthly with the Cumberland University President to present policies and recommendations made by the CU SARC.
iii. It is the role of the Committee Chair to guide the operations of the CU SARC.
iv. It is the role of the Committee Chair to ensure that proceedings of this committee’s works are appropriately communicated to appropriate members of the University community.
c. The Committee Secretary will be elected by the membership of the CU SARC. It is the role of the Committee Secretary to record, maintain, and appropriately post minutes for Committee meetings. Minutes for Committee meetings will be presented to the CU Admissions SARC membership and approved prior to posting to the University.
i. It is the role of the Committee Secretary to aid in the preparation of correspondence outside of the Committee.
5. The CU SARC will meet a minimum of one time per semester and/or more often when the circumstances deem it necessary.

2.2 Role

1. Brainstorm about student life, student activity, student issues and suggest solutions for University consideration.

2. Provide caveats for student life and retention/persistence that include but are not limited to sound educational and instructional philosophy.

2.3 University Committees Development

The CU SARC shall be advisory to the Leadership Committee on the development of committees and subcommittees that will facilitate the assessments and improvements of the University.

2.4 Committee Guidelines and By-Law Interpretation

1. All decisions made by the CU SARC will be made by a simple majority vote of the members, as long as a quorum of voting members exists. A quorum exists when a simple majority of voting members is participating in the decision.

2. Within the constraints of the constitutional authority of the Board of Trustees, the CU SARC shall be the final authority with regard to the interpretation of these bylaws, except in cases where there is a conflict with the Board of Trust bylaws.

3. Upon a majority vote by the CU SARC membership, amendment(s) may be made to the CU SARC by-laws.

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