Individual Therapy and Review Process

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General Description

Description / Scope: Information about individual therapy and review process relative to Counseling Center policy and process.

When Performed: As needed

Responsibilities: Counseling Services
Process Steps or Stages

1. Individual Therapy and Review Process

What happens:

Although there is no formal session limit for individual therapy, the Counseling Center generally works within a time-limited framework. It is expected that a majority of the Center’s clients can be seen within 10-12 individual sessions. Longer-term clients are considered to be an exception and these cases should be reviewed with the Director before deciding to offer further services (see Appendix C for referral criteria). The goal is to reduce the amount of time clients must wait to see a counselor, to facilitate the client’s timely return to adequate functioning, and to refer most long-term issues to other outside resources when possible.

COUNS--107pr APPENDIX C CUCC Criteria for Outside Referral
Performance Metrics
Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure
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