Psychiatric Consultation

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Date Last Updated: 12/23/2017
Primary Author: Director of Counseling/Disability Services/Disability Services Center
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Date Originally Created: 02/21/2012
General Description
Description / Scope: Information about psychiatric consultation relative to Counseling Center policy and procedure.

When Performed: As needed

Responsibilities: Counseling Services
Process Steps or Stages

1. Psychiatric Consultation

What happens:

The Counseling Center does not have a psychiatrist on staff. Clients who need to be evaluated for medication for mental health problems are referred to physicians, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners in the community for this service. When the client has determined the medical professional she/he will be seeing for evaluation, a Release of Information form should be completed in order to exchange necessary information with the physician. It is also sound clinical practice to be able to consult with any practitioners who may have provided prior medical/psychiatric services to the client.

Performance Metrics
Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure
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Director of Counseling/Disability Services/Disability Services Center
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