2019-2020 Catalog

FSL 101 Foundations of Scholarship and Learning

The purpose of this course is to enable first-year students to make the academic transitions necessary and essential to succeed and thrive in college. Students will be introduced to and practice living the values of the academic community of Cumberland University. This course is focused on the learner and on that person taking the responsibility to develop new habits of mind and heart. These new habits include: effective time management, engagement with the campus community and resources, active reading, intellectual curiosity, the art of reflection, information and research literacy, academic integrity, thinking critically, valuing diversity, and charting one’s future. Each of the assignments is designed for students to practice these habits, to obtain the support they need, and to explore new ways of seeing themselves. This course exists as a General Education Core (GEC) requirement for first-year students. Transfer students who have earned 24 hours or more prior to enrolling at Cumberland are not required to take the course. Students must earn a "C" or higher in this course.




Fall and Spring