2020-2021 Catalog

Admission Policy

Cumberland University admits those applicants whose ability, training, motivation, and interests indicate that they will succeed in college course work. The course of study and quality of work done in high school or college are both taken into consideration when a student applies for admission. The student’s scores on the ACT or the SAT are used as indicators of academic ability and are considered for admission, and if required, a student’s personal statement.

For students who do not meet the minimum high school grade point average (unweighted) and/or minimum ACT composite score/SAT Converted score, the University will require the student to complete a personal statement. Written by the student, the personal statement will indicate why the student would like to attend Cumberland University, would help contribute to a diverse student body, and measures the student will take to be successful academically at the University.

Cumberland University notifies the applicant of his or her admission status once all necessary documentation/credentials have been received. Questions concerning the admissions status of a prospective student should be addressed either by telephone, email or in writing to the Office of Admissions. Cumberland University is an equal opportunity educational institution and, as such, does not discriminate in the admissions policy on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, genetic information, ethnic or national origin, age, disability or veteran status or any other classification protected by Federal, or State constitutional or statutory law.

Standardized Test Score Requirement Suspended - Through Fall 2021 Admission Period

In response to the reduced number of national and state testing dates for ACT and SAT caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cumberland University is suspending the requirement for standardized test scores for students seeking admission as first time freshmen for the Fall 2020 semester through the Fall 2021 Admission Period. Additionally, the requirement of an ACT or SAT score for dual enrollment students is being suspended for this same period as well.

Freshman applicants with GPAs below the University's requirement of 3.0 will be asked to complete a personal statement with a supplemental survey that is designed to determine persistence and grit. This component will be an addendum to the admission file reviewed by the University Admissions Committee.

Dual enrollment students seeking to take English or Math courses must receive an endorsement from their high school counselor when completing the class registration form, unless the student already has an ACT or SAT score on file with the appropriate subscores or can provide one prior to course enrollment.

Please note: The adjustment of admission requirements does not apply for any term after the Fall 2021 admission term, does not apply to or lessen the requirements for institutional, state, or federal funding, does not apply to or lessen the requirements for athletic eligibility, and does not apply to applicants seeking admission into the University's Early College Program. All benchmarks for grants and scholarships, as well as benchmarks for athletic eligibility, must be met in their entirety. Early College applicants must submit a score or take the On Campus ACT with Cumberland to be reviewed for admission to the Early College Program.

As the Covid-19 pandemic landscape changes, the University will continue to monitor the situation as it relates to standardized test scores.