2020-2021 Catalog

Athletic Department

Ronald P. Pavan, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Director of Athletics
A.A., Northeastern Christian Junior College
B.A., Lubbock Christian University
M.A., West Virginia University

R. Mitchell Walters, Assistant Athletic Director
B.S., Mansfield University
M.A., Middle Tennessee State University

Shelia C. Crockett, Assistant Athletic Director
B.S., Cumberland University
M.B.A., King University

C. Rick Bell, Instructor of History and Faculty Athletics Representative
B.A., M.A., Middle Tennessee State University
M.A.E., Cumberland University

Kyle B. Allen, Sports Information Director
B.S., M.A., Cumberland University

Katie L. Arnold, Instructor in Athletic Training and Director of Athletic Training
B.S., M.A.E., Cumberland University
D.H.Ed., Still University

Scott E. Barbe, Head Coach, Men's Volleyball
B.B.A., M.S.M., Walsh College

Shelby N. Beam, Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
B.A., Georgetown College

Tyler K. Bennett, Athletic Trainer
B.S., Kent State University
M.S., Tennessee Technological University

Scott A. Blum, Head Coach, Women's Basketball
B.A., Grace College
M.A., Ball State University

Caleb M. Bonaventure, Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball
B.S., Emmanuel College

Adam J. Braunecker, Athletic Trainer
B.S., Indiana State University

Jalyn N. Brooks, Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Mark A. Brown, Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
B.S., Cumberland University

Robert J. Clayton, Assistant Coach, Baseball
B.S., Cumberland University

Nathaniel J. Croley, Assistant Coach, Wrestling
B.S., Cumberland University

Ruth S. Currie, Head Coach, Cheerleading
A.A., Ruthledge College

Hannah Daily, Athletic Trainer

Scott J. Davidson, Head Coach, Women's Soccer
B.A., Bryan College
M.A.T., Trevecca Nazarene University

Sara J. Farris, Athletic Trainer
B.S., University of North Florida
M.S.E.S., Cumberland University

Troy W. Frazier, Assistant Coach, Baseball
B.S., M.S.S.E.P., Cumberland University
M.A.T., University of the Cumberlands

Adam Grant, Head Coach, Men's Soccer
B.S., Martin Methodist College
M.S.S.E.P., Cumberland University

James S. Hicks III, Head Coach, Wrestling
B.A., Campbellsville University

Andrew D. Hinds, Head Athletic Trainer
B.A., Eastern Illinois University
M.A., Southeast Missouri State University

Tyler P. Hott, Athletic Trainer
B.S., M.S., Shenandoah University

Ronald G. Hunt, Head Coach, Baseball
B.S., Belmont University
M.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Kenneth L. Jordan, Head Coach, Bowling
Diploma, Tennessee Technology Center, Hartsville

Shane J. Keely, Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer
B.P.S., University of Memphis
M.B.A., Christian Brothers University

Christian M. Kiesel, Athletic Trainer
B.S., Heidelberg University
M.S., State University of New York College, Cortland

Jeremy R. Lewis, Head Coach, Men's Basketball
B.S., Cumberland University

Arnold B. Little, Jr., Assistant Coach, Football and Recruiting Coordinator
B.S., Missouri Valley College

Broc A. Loveless, Assistant Coach, Football
B.S., Cumberland University

Karen N. Martinez Bernal, Head Coach, Women's Tennis
B.S., University of South Carolina
M.B.A., Emporia State University

Tim L. Mathis, Head Coach, Football
B.A., Georgia Southern University
M.A., Shorter University

Atsu Nyamadi, Assistant Coach, Track and Field
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

Thiago De Lins Oliveira, Head Coach, Men's Tennis
B.S., Bethel College
M.A., Cumberland University

Kalyn M. Pruett, Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
B.S., Tennessee Technological University

M. Hope Rogers, Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning
B.S., Presbyterian College
M.S., Illinois State University

Marcelle A. Scales, Head Coach, Men's and Women's Track and Field
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

James E. Seckel, Head Coach, Men's and Women's Cross Country
B.S., United State Military Academy

Kathryn M. Slaughter, Head Coach, Women's Volleyball and Director of Volleyball
B.A., M.A., Cumberland University

Kasey R. Smith, Assistant Coach, Football
B.S., M.S., Florida International University

Taurean Smith, Assistant Coach, Football
B.S., Western Kentucky University

Levi T. Steinhauer, Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning
B.S., University of Saskatchewan, Canada

M.S.E.S., Cumberland University

Grant M. Theall, Assistant Football Coach
B.S., Cumberland University

Stephanie G. Theall, Assistant Coach, Softball
B.S., M.S.S.E.P., Cumberland University

Hannah M. Vadakin, Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball
B.A., Coker College

Heather L. Vaughn, Head Coach, Softball
B.S., M.A.E., Austin Peay State University
M.S.S.E.P., Cumberland University

Richard W. Williams, Head Coach, Golf and Games Operations Director
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University