2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 303 Professional Nursing Foundations

Professional Nursing Foundations is an entry-level nursing course that provides students an introduction to basic clinical concepts, skills, and communication techniques needed for professional nursing practice. Students begin to learn nursing process implementation and integration to promote evidence-based nursing care and the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills. The concepts evolve from simple to complex and include hygiene, activity and immobility, infection control, urinary and bowel elimination, cognitive and sensory alterations, surgical care, rest and sleep, pain and comfort, safety, skin integrity and wound care, oxygenation and perfusion, loss and grief. Health promotion, disease prevention, nutrition, informatics, cultural diversity, spirituality, and gerontology are considered within each topic, as appropriate. In the laboratory/clinical component of the course, students practice and apply theoretical knowledge and competencies, then integrate the knowledge and competencies while providing care to clients in the healthcare settings. Throughout the course, students demonstrate competency in the fundamental principles of nursing practice as validated through competency performance examinations. Three classroom hours per week and two credit hours of campus laboratory per week (90 clinical hours).
Fees: $50 Laboratory Fee
$125 New Student Skills Lab Supplies (non-refundable)
$245 Testing Fee




Admission into the Nursing program


Fall and Spring