2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 327 Health Assessment

This course includes a systematic study of subjective data collection and objective health assessment skills with a focus on subjective and objective assessment techniques. Normal and abnormal assessment findings and developmental norms and variations across the lifespan are reviewed.  Maslow's hierarchy of needs is incorporated as a model in all content with particular emphasis on safety and security and physiological needs.  Core competencies of critical thinking, communication, nursing assessment and technical skills are utilized as a framework for the students to develop subjective and objective data collection capabilities. Core knowledge components of health promotion are examined across the lifespan with an emphasis on wellness/illness education.

Students are introduced to the use of simulation learning and other healthcare technologies. Nursing informatics is also emphasized to address accurate reporting and recording (i.e., electronic medical records). Other information technologies are also used as reference tools for selected lecture and discussion topics, such as heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Evidence based practice is a key focus for both the lecture and laboratory components of the course. 

Role development concepts of professionalism and collaboration are emphasized in the laboratory component of the course. Students are encouraged to exemplify the professional value of integrity, excellence, and respect for diversity as they develop and practice physical assessment skills. Professional values are emphasized throughout the course as the foundation for a therapeutic relationship. These values are also discussed in relation to reporting and documentation practices. Legal issues are also presented and discussed in this course. Core professional concepts such as compassion and empathy are presented when the interviewing content is taught and are emphasized throughout the history and physical examination process. Three classroom hours and one laboratory hour per week (45 clinical hours/semester).




Admission to the Nursing program or RN to BSN program


Fall and Spring