2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 492 Professional Nursing Capstone

This course is a capstone seminar/practicum that is defined as the culminating "event" or "work" that defines the baccalaureate nursing student as ready to participate in and contribute to the healthcare community. This project-based course integrates the concepts learned throughout the student's prior coursework and "caps" the BSN learning experience. The purpose of this course is to give each student the opportunity to identify a community health problem or need and develop their own plan of action to address that need. The plan to address the identified problem is developed only after a thorough assessment, careful critical thinking, and a disciplined prioritization process have been completed. These processes are practiced through collaboration with the course faculty and individual community healthcare leaders. The goal of the course is that each student's project will have a positive impact on the overall wellness of their chosen community.

Core competencies of critical thinking, communication, and assessment provide a framework for the student to utilize the core knowledge concepts of health promotion, informatics, healthcare technology and evidence based practice. The student will direct their needs search broadly across the healthcare spectrum including all ages, cultures, and stages of illness and wellness. Role development concepts of leadership, collaboration, professionalism, healthcare system issues and policies and global healthcare will be practiced by the students as they interact with community healthcare leaders. Professional values of integrity, excellence, respect, accountability, and diversity will be practiced by the students and faculty, as each seeks professional growth through the course/practicum experience. Two classroom hours per week.




Enrollment in the RN to BSN program


Fall, Spring, and Summer