2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 409 Nursing in Women's Health and Newborn Care

This course examines a full range of health issues unique to women, including female development; anatomy and physiology; menopause; alterations in gynecologic and reproductive function; and other topics of concern specific to women.  In addition, this course examines the needs of the childbearing family; addressing pregnancy; fetal development; labor and delivery; intrapartum and postpartum care; and newborn care. Health assessment, health maintenance, and health promotion as well as nursing management of patients will be presented in format that includes lecture, discussion, role play, and published articles/research. Three classroom hours and two clinical credit hours per week (90 clinical hours/semester). Fees: $245.00 testing fee and $50 laboratory fee.




NUR 314, NUR 324, NUR 373, and NUR 376


Fall and Spring