2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 426 Leadership and Management in Nursing

This course incorporates the theoretical frameworks that explain organizational theory and structure in relation to the management of patient care within the components of the health care delivery system. The concepts of this leadership and management course are designed to prepare the baccalaureate nursing student to function in a complex health care environment. Leadership and Management in Nursing will provide an overview of leadership, legal and ethical nursing issues, care management, the professional's role in management, health care systems management, delegation, human resource management, fiscal management, and outcomes management. Additionally, the course incorporates the use of outcome measures to promote quality and cost-effective health care in various organizations and health care delivery systems. This course will convey the skills necessary for the management of appropriate and effective nursing care. The student will operationalize the concept of professionalism and determine how integrity, respect, excellence, and accountability are demonstrated in professional practice. The student will also identify how informatics and other technology are used in leadership and management in nursing. Scenarios will be provided for the student to utilize critical thinking skill related to leadership/management.




Admitted in the RN to BSN program


Fall, Spring, and Summer