2021-2022 Catalog

NUR 493 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice: Capstone

This course is designed to maximize success on the NCLEX-RN, the National licensing examination required for entry into professional nursing practice. It is further designed to assist the students to become (test wise) by identifying the steps in the nursing process being tested to better establish what the question is asking; explore testing formats, specifically multiple choice and alternative formal questions; and analyze test performance. The capstone portion of the course provides students with opportunities to synthesize knowledge and application of critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and professional nursing standards while delivering patient-centered care. This experience will enhance collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, while identifying strengths and weaknesses. Two classroom hours and three clinical credit hours per week (135 clinical hours/semester). Fees: $245.00 testing fee and $50 laboratory fee.




NUR 317, NUR 408, and NUR 441


Fall and Spring