2021-2022 Catalog

Tuition and Fees 2020-2021

Cumberland University is a private, independent, not-for-profit institution of higher education. The cost of an education at Cumberland University compares with that of peer private colleges in the South. This is made affordable by substantial gifts to the operating fund by alumni and friends of the University.


Tuition - Undergraduate
Undergraduate tuition full-time rate (12-18 hours) per semester
Undergraduate tuition rate per hour (if taking less than full time or more than full time)
RN to BSN tuition (per hour)
Tuition - Graduate
MSP tuition rate per hour - $1,014.00 - less $429 tuition assistance = net cost
Graduate tutition rate - per hour (all graduate programs except MSP)
Tuition - Certificate Program
Tuition - Comstar Telecommunications Tower Technician I - price/course program range
Tuition - TN Promise

Cumberland University has elected to participate in the TN Promise program and accepts tuition at
the state rate for students seeking an Associate degree under this program.

Room and Board
Edward Potter Residence Hall (double occupancy and dining hall 19 meals/week)
Justin Potter Residence Hall (double occupancy and dining hall 19 meals/week)
Horace H. Lurton Hall (single occupancy and dining hall 19 meals/week)
Howell E. Jackson Hall (single occupancy and dining hall 19 meals/week)
South Hall Residence Hall (double occupancy and dining hall 19 meals/week)
     (Private room additional charge - per semester)
Residence hall application fee
Residence hall security deposit - required before move in
Failure to attend mandatory residence hall meeting
Lost residence hall key
Lost proximity card (South Hall) or Lost student ID
Commuter meal plan (30-285 meal block) see https://charlie.cumberland.edu/CUNet/BlockMealPlan.html
Dining Phoenix Dollars - increments of $50
$50.00 plus
Application Fees
Undergraduate online
General Access Fees
Full time (12-18 hours) per semester
5-11 hours per semester
1-4 hours per semester
Other Fees
Freshmen fee
International student fee - per semester
Additional fees required by course (non-refundable)
see Catalog
Late registration fee for ALL students
Directed study fee - per course
Student teaching fee (non-refundable)
Return payment fee
Graduation fee - undergraduate
Graduation fee - graduate
Graduate program service fee (excludes MSP and MEd)
Parking Fines (Non-refundable)
Invalid parking permit - first ticket
Invalid parking permit - subsequent ticket
Failure to obtain parking permit
Parking violations

Books and supplies are additional out-of-pocket expenses. Therefore, students must be prepared to purchase books and supplies. These expenses should not be included with payments for tuition and other related expenses. Such expenses may range from $300 to $800 per semester, depending on a student's major and class load.

By matriculating at Cumberland University, a student accepts all the University policies as well as any federal and state regulations regarding payment and refunds. Charges are recorded by the semester and students should come to registration prepared to pay all tuition and fees due to the University. Registration will not be complete and students will not be eligible for University privileges: cannot attend class, cannot move into the residence halls or use meal plans, cannot use University facilities, and cannot participate in athletic activities until all fees are paid or appropriate arrangements for payment have been made in the Business Office. Therefore, financial planning for the entire school year is highly recommended. A student who registers assumes a financial obligation. Grade reports, transcripts, and diplomas are held until all balances are paid in full. The University expects that the student will comply in the timely payment of all charges. Personnel is available in the Office of Financial Aid to assist with financial planning.

Third party students (those students whose tuition is paid by employers) must present, on company letterhead each semester, a statement of his/her company’s policy for payment of tuition and fees in order to register for the semester. Third party students must have no more than the prior semester’s balance outstanding in order to register for the current semester. Third party students must also sign a promissory note each semester stating he/she is responsible for payment in the event the employer does not pay for any reason. It is the responsibility of the student to comply with all employer requirements for the payment of tuition.


Other Fees (Non-refundable)
Academic transcripts
$6.00 and up
Student teaching placements requiring remote supervisors
Residence Hall early move in fee
Lost mailbox key
Conversion credit (per hour)
Auditing fee
50% of tuition
Challenge exam
Experiential credit
$75.00 processing fee and $75/credit hour if credit is awarded

*The late registration fee is charged for all students who register/pay after the published last date per semester to pay fees.

**Residence Hall damage deposit is refundable provided the student has no unpaid balance to Cumberland University, has not caused any damage to the University Residence Halls, has no outstanding conduct actions, and has officially checked out as determined by the Head Residents or Director of Residence Life.

The University reserves the right to add/or change fees. Fees, per semester, will be published in the Cumberland University Register. https://www.cumberland.edu/student-life/forms-and-policies/